I believe it has been awhile since I updated what is going on. Today would have been my surgery date but it was cancelled because I was so sick. I forgot to read over what I wrote in the last post, which was somewhat of a blur for me during that time so I will start from the beginning. I had pre op testing on Friday Jan 26th. The next day I had chills, fever, vomiting. By Sunday I went to urgent care, they said I had upper respiratory infection, no flu. But I didn’t not have any respiratory symptoms. By Tuesday I had been in a fog of chilling, sleeping, fever, throwing up, sleeping and then start all over. I was dizzy, a little confused (I could tell because I couldn’t figure out if I was working my phone correctly). Tuesday, I got a phone call from the surgeon office saying I had UTI. I started antibiotics that evening. Then Wednesday morning I just didn’t think I could take it anymore. I went to the ER. The doctor looked at me like I was an idiot. He told me my lab work was perfect. I said, “Yeah I am sure on Friday it was perfect, today is Wednesday!” I was hoping for something in the IV that would work faster and better, or maybe hydration. But I was sent home. Friday I got in to see my doctor. I was still having a fever 102.8. He did lab work which showed a high white blood cell count and I was dehydrated. I had also developed a cough that had been going on for two days at that point. The doctor told me later he almost admitted me to the hospital that day but decided to add another antibiotic and see if that worked. Well, thank god it worked. I feel so much better but the doctor said. I had to wait a couple weeks to make sure I was completely over this before I have surgery. Wednesday, the day I went to ER, I had started the clear liquid diet. I was on it three days before I cancelled my surgery. I had no problems with it, mostly because I had no appetite.

I am now back on track for surgery on 2/19. I start my liquid diet again on Monday the 12th. Fingers crossed for no more sickness! During that time that I was so sick, I got behind on my school work. I am working on my masters in nursing. I ended up taking a medical leave of absence because I got so behind. I am really discouraged about school now. I am not sure I will go back.

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