Update from this morning.

Just wanted to offer quick update as to how my day went today. I started off this morning talking about how I was sick for the last few days. And I’ve still been sick for most of the day today. I was getting ready to make an appointment with my regular doctor so I can figure out what’s going on when the surgeon’s office called. They said that based on the preop lab work and urine test that I had done Friday which was 4 days earlier that I have a urinary tract infection. No wonder I have been so sick. That is about the most sick I’ve ever been. I have been miserable. Then I had to wait all day to get the antibiotic called to my Pharmacy so I can get started on it. Just imagine how different this weekend could have gone if I have gotten an antibiotic on Friday instead of Tuesday. So today is my last day of eating regular food. But honestly I haven’t eaten much of anything for the last few days already and I’ve already lost a few pounds just because I couldn’t eat anything because I was so sick. So everyone wants to know what I want to have for my last meal before I have to start this liquid diet. Nothing sounds good. I had envisioned pigging out on my most favorite food right before I went on the liquid diet and it has not happened. We ordered pizza which I could barely eat. I got an ice cream from Dairy Queen which I only had a couple bites. It just isn’t how I envisioned it but I know I’ll survive. One thing I can say though is that after the hell I’ve gone through for the last few days I don’t think I’m scared of the surgery so much anymore. It can’t possibly be as bad as what I’ve just been through.

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